Lead Off Baseball Academy is a baseball training facility, located in Smyrna, TN.  We are striving to attract players that truly want to improve and take their game to the next level.  Our membership program is for players that are driven to become the best and who truly want to understand the game to gain a competitive edge.

We don’t necessarily mean the elite, or the most high skilled players, rather than the ones who want to consistently improve their game.

Lead Off Baseball Academy provides high level training and instant access to our instruction and advanced training concepts. The only thing we ask of our members is to have a burning desire to work hard and to improve to the best player they can become. Anyone can perform at a high level regardless of physical talent if the desire is great. All we ask for is a relentless commitment to improve.

Membership items and services included:

  • athletic training (regardless of skill level)
  • hitting and throwing mechanics
  • bat speed testing
  • slow motion video analysis
  • Swing path and swing plane analysis
  • Time to impact
  • Velocity classes.

And MUCH more!

Lead Off Baseball Academy has no desire to compete against traditional coaching.  Team coaching is important and players need to work learn the game as a team. Becoming a member of our program simply gives that player a competitive edge over their piers as they understand how to use their body to increase how they perform on the field.

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Using today’s technology enables us make and see the corrections in order to produce a efficient swing for each player