Hitting & Defense

Ryan spent the majority of his life on a baseball diamond and learned from some of the games all-time great players and coaches.  Since the end of his playing career, Ryan has been an ABCA member and instructing players of all experience levels.  His desire to help youth players better develop their swing earlier in the playing career is now his passion.  By providing thousands of hitting lessons over the years he has a way of connecting with each player in a way that make every lesson enjoyable.
Ryan went into private instruction with the desire to find out what stopped him from making it to the next level of the game.  Through studying the great hitters of today Ryan has come to understand the proper mechanics and kinetics of the swing as well as the work and preparation that is required to coninue each player’s growth.
By understanding the proper kinetics Ryan is able to teach players of all ages and experience levels to hit more consistently and with more power.  Ryan combines both the mental side of hitting with teaching proper mechanics that work for each player’s personal ability and swing.


Pitching Instructor

Josh’s passion for playing baseball started at a very young age and by Junior High, there was no doubt in his mind he wanted to play professional baseball.  Josh’s dedication and hard work paid off and during his High School Career, he was selected for First Team All American and First Team All-State.  Out of High School, he was drafted as the 6th pick in the 1st round of the 1999 draft by the Montreal Expos, now the Washington Nationals, playing 6 seasons.

Josh recently married and is currently living in Smyrna TN.  Along with personal instruction and teaching the mechanics of pitching, one of Josh’s passions is teaching proper techniques in stretching and warming up.  He believes what is learned now at an earlier age will educate and create a solid and healthy foundation for future ballplayers, as his baseball career as a professional was cut short due to injury.  He also believes his professional experience and extensive knowledge of the game can benefit players of all ages emphasizing how hard work, dedication and motivation is the key for any athlete who wants to take their athleticism to the next level.

Josh is very passionate about giving back to the game that offered him so many opportunities throughout his life.  He is very honored to share his knowledge with younger athletes who share the same love for the game of baseball.

Bo Whitlock

Catching, Fielding, Hitting Instructior

Bo Went to Watertown High School in Watertown, Tennessee where he was a four year varsity starter primarily at the position of catcher but also would play 1B, 2B, and 3B. Senior year of high school he was selected to the District 8A all-district team as well as selected to the MidTN Senior All-Star Classic for Single A high school baseball in Tennessee played at Vanderbilt University. He went on to commit to and play for Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee as a catcher in the NCAA Division II. After two years in Memphis at CBU He took a step back from baseball and then got back into the teaching and coaching side of the game. Catching is an area of expertise that he has due to his head coaches in high school and in college both being collegiate catchers themselves. However he tries to help any up and coming baseball player refine their skills in catching, hitting or other defensive positions in the field.

Bo Whitlock

Alex Urban

Hitting & Fielding Instructor

Alex Urban – Bio Coming Soon.

Anthony Parry

Hitting, Fielding, Pitching

Anthony Perry – Bio Coming Soon

Pitching & Hitting Instruction

Sam Burton

Pitching & Hitting Instructor 

Sam attended Walters State Community College out of high school under coach Ken Campbell. After a year at Walters State, Sam transferred to Georgetown College where the team appeared in the NAIA World Series in 2014. From 2014-2016 Sam attended Winston-Salem State University. During the 2014-2015 season Sam was runner up for the pitcher of the year award in NCAA Division 2 as well as an All American Selection.

After college Sam has played for 3 professional seasons. He began his career in the USPBL with the Utica Unicorns in 2017. In 2018 Sam played in the Frontier League with the Traverse City Beach Bums. In 2019 Sam played in the highest level of Independent Professional Baseball with the York Revolution in the Atlantic League. In 2020 Sam played in the Liberation Professional Baseball League which was held in Indiana. Sam was part of a championship winning team, where he posted a 6-1 record with a 1.97 ERA and led the league in strikeouts.

Michael Rosati

Hitting Instructor 

I am 23 years young, I grew up in Southern California moving to Murfreesboro Tennessee back in 2020. Played year round since I was a young boy. I play center field and I’m also a closer.

I graduated from high school in 2016 and went to junior college at la mission and continued on to a scout team in Southern California until I had a shoulder injury that has placed me in a time of rest until I’m able to take the field again. During that time of rest I would love to show your son what I have learned, ways that I’ve seen I can grow myself continually, through hard work, dedication, sweat, grit, passion, and most of all perseverance. Building character on and off the field, cause as you know one day these young men will turn in to grown men, carrying some of what they’ve learned into the real world. and as I’ve seen, the game of baseball has a big way of showing you who you really are. Thank you for your time, I highly look forward to meeting you and your son and starting this journey of becoming a better ball player, one day at a time.